Top 5 Event Trends in 2019

Digital Signage

Signs are great but the new trend is not to spend hundreds of dollars on signs lined up throughout your event. Just make one great purchase and reuse. Recycling does not hurt when it comes to digital marketing and signage. Personalize and advertise using screens and electronics. It gives events a great touch and is much more efficient than spending money and time to have special event items printed and tossed after one use.

Events as complete Experiences

Events are not just a couple of hours of a meeting or seminar anymore. The trend is to make any event a complete experience for the people attending. A meeting can now be a fiesta and a seminar can truthfully be changed into a concert. As an event coordinator, you have the chance to create an experience that has no chance to be forgotten and the marketing advancements that can be absorbed with unforgettable moments are priceless!

Fast-Speed Technology

Whether the event is a meeting or large trade-show chances are that the event is going to have a lot of technology that needs attending to. So investing in great a/v systems, high-speed internet, and taking the time to learn about technology is extremely valuable. Technology is only advancing and events are capitalizing on making sure that events have the technology to match the specialties that are happening at each and every event. Think about how many times we see commercials of new technology on our screens. Events that are occurring are all about what’s new. Technology is being used to create memories and moments in the event industry. 


Personalizing and customizing create a special touch on events. Being trendy means making the event match the mood of the client. Making each element of the event match the mood is trendsetting. Whether it is the food or decor making it match the client’s overall attractions is what is in!

Unique Venues

Going out of the box is what creates a buzz now. Instead of finding a room with four walls why not take your event to a museum or to a winery for your clients. Keep reaching for venues that business clients would want to be at on the weekend. Work can be fun and keeping it trendy by taking your event to a Botanical Garden advances all elements of the event. Being unique means being original and unordinary when choosing the venue for clients in the event world.

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