Company Christmas Event Trends in 2019

Being trendy is not always about being the next big thing. Updating yourself on the latest fad just gives you a chance to recreate and put an original twist on what many already know. Some of the following trends may seem familiar but take a close look and you might just catch on to the trendy excitement.


What’s more trendy than being picture-perfect? Take the time to add a photo booth to your event. This gives the chance for the entire company to come together and get a photo together and to take photos home that can last and spread holiday cheer. It is an extra activity and gift all in one. Your company team will love to let out a funny face and an extra smile while out of the office.

Glam Attire

Although Cozy and warm screams Christmas. Sparkle, glam, and a nice tie all wrap together a perfect Christmas Party trend. Making your Holiday Party a Fancy themed extravaganza definitely will only amp up your event coordinating. Sparkling up the night only matches the theme of the shiny decor and bubbly drinks that will be going on through the night.

Food Trucks

Roaming hunger might be the website you want to visit when looking for your Holiday Event munchies. Food trucks are a huge holiday event trend that everyone absolutely loves. Meals on wheels are just how people love to enjoy their holiday treats when dancing the night away and celebrating the company as a team.

Hot Chocolate Bar

Everyone knows alcohol is a must at Holiday events but have you thought about hot cocoa? Hot Chocolate Bars are an absolute hit at Holiday events. Adding marshmallows, mashed up Candy canes, and a taste of whip cream to the special touches list for your next holiday event is the next trendy twist to Holiday Cheer.


Everyone loves something to do! Whether it’s decorating an ornament or putting antlers on a candy-cane don’t hesitate to incorporate Holiday Crafts into your event. Even if the crafts are big or small adults still love to be entertained too. Add some sticky glue and some pipe-cleaner to your holiday event. Keep things trendy, new, and fresh!


Recycling is always great but we are talking decor. Although the classic red and green does not hurt. Being trendy might be going all green this holiday season. Find all different types of green accent colors and green glam when picking your company holiday decorations. It might seem edgy but what event coordinator doesn’t like to create a new buzz?

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