10 Personality Traits A Succesful Event Coordinator should have!

Do You Have the Traits of an Event Coordinator?


Having high-energy at all times of the day is definitely not for everyone but Energy is what can be used to describe a great event coordinator. Whether it waking up at 5 am for a morning meeting or shutting down a business party at 3 am. High energy is on the checklist for an event coordinator. The coordinator helps set the pace for the event and is constantly on the go. Energy is needed to produce a great outcome for each and every moment. The event set-up, event time socializing, and event creation all take so much ENERGY. Staying excited and ready to act with the utmost joy and enthusiasm is exactly what an event coordinator needs to thrive.


We have all heard “honesty is the best policy”. When it comes to being a great coordinator this old-time quote should best describe your personality trait. Outlining the truth for your clients creates a great relationship and product. Outlining the truth and nothing but the truth is what it means to be great in your field. This trait leaves no room for clients to not get what they were promised and advances trust between the coordinator and the client. Telling your client as much as you can with an honest mindset is exactly how transparency should be expressed in this field.


Creating something from start to finish takes a little bit of magic. In this field, it means being creative with budgets, vendors, decorations, and almost anything that is thrown your way. The unexpected is expected so a creative and open mind is a necessity.


There is no time to give up as an Event Coordinator. Going into this field means that having a determined mindset is deeply rooted in your soul. One event can take over a year to plan and make successful. Event coordinating can also mean you have a year’s worth of planning to do in less than a month when given a project last minute. When given any project you must be ready to focus and absorb every difficult moment and embrace the difficulty it may bring upon.


The show must go on and the Event must happen so staying positive and hardworking when reaching the event must occur throughout the whole time you are planning. Your mind may waiver but your heart and soul have to stay dedicated to a positive outcome. Being uplifting is a key trait to have when in this field.


Taking control has a long list of connotations but in the event world, it has nothing but positive reinforcement attached to it. Being a leader and having the personality trait to be a leader is essential to being a great event coordinator. Being able to take the lead on any project is a part of the job title and when leading one must lead with excitement and enthusiasm. Being a leader means taking control with respect and being comfortable enough to be assertive in a positive way to advance your event team in the right direction.


Once one element of the event is finished it is the Event Coordinator’s job to already be jumping and ready to go on the next steps. There are so many elements to an event and paying attention to all details and precautions beforehand advances the process. Staying ready and already being 3 steps ahead is what makes a great event coordinator.


Having a gracious heart is such a great trait to carry but especially in the event industry. Your event team is your support team and each and every person involved is a part of the success in events. Simple “thank you’s” and ” I appreciate you” go a long way in this industry. Gratitude is nothing short of great!

Financially Aware

Although events are nothing but fun and excitement they sure do cost. Having a strong sense of financial conduct and budgeting knowledge keeps the logistics of a great Event Coordinator intact and polished.


Having all the right tools is one thing but having the heart and passion for your career changes the game. Desiring and loving what you do lights a fire inside you and that fire catches on to all those you interact with and encounter in the workplace. What you create is shown through your personal passion.

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