Top 10 Skills Needed To Be A Great Event Coordinator



Keeping track of organization is definitely a must although it may seem so obvious that the organization aspect of coordinating events is necessary for success. It is important to understand the weight of staying organized is tremendous when creating and planning events. It is essential to the success of the client and the overall product of the event occurring. Event Coordinators have a very limited time when it comes to planning. They often have multiple events to keep track of planning and putting together the pieces is almost like having a time limit on a very intricate puzzle. Each piece needs to be put together correctly but on a very strict timeline. Planning in the most organized fashion is key to a positive outcome.


Expanding your mind in this industry is so important. Figuring out how to create something from scratch takes so much creativity and thinking outside of the box. Event coordinating is a special type of art. When taking the time to create an event each part takes time and a special mindset that is willing to reach outside of the norm. Creativity is the element that takes an average event to extraordinary.


Bending and twisting are going to be in the complete normal day occurrences for an event coordinator. When an event is occurring an event coordinator must be willing to be on their toes and ready to switch up a part of the event at any moment. Having control when something decides to change is being okay with a last-minute backup plan. The curveball that is thrown at the coordinator during the event is definitely going to happen even if their organization skills are amazing. Being flexible is a must because last-minute changes make their appearance in the event scene.


The people that surround you in this career are your support system. Sending those extra emails and making those extra phone calls advance yourself as a coordinator and the events you are planning. Talking about everything clearly and concise leaves little room for error. Keeping a great communication avenue between your vendors, customers, and event team is how a positive experience is produced. Events are a production whether big or small it takes a team and your resources are depending on you to understand each and every moment that is happening for the events you are planning.


“persistence in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success.” Some may say a setback leads to a major comeback and as an Event Coordinator this mindset definitely provides a success. Some events are years worth of work in the making and sometimes even longer. So having a mindset to persevere and continue working extremely hard to keep each event at the top of mind a year away from the date takes a special mindset and personal inner push that not everyone has.


Money!Money!Money! Everyone wants it but not everyone has it. Money and budgeting are what would be considered to be the not so fun part of event coordinating, however, they are essential parts to creating an event. Knowing how to budget and understanding how much to spend for each part of your event is so valuable and is part of event planning that leaves no room for error. Using the amount you have to spend efficiently is exactly where attention and saving techniques take place.

Detail Oriented

All the small ideas and outside looks take time and an intricate eye. As an event coordinator, you have to see the overall art piece and more. Each part of the event that is put together takes a detailed eye. It is your job to see every decimal on each part of the paperwork, the extra linens that may not be the same black, and the lighting that might just need to be slightly dimmed. Paying attention to every element creates a great outcome. Detail leaves a beautiful dent on the event. It is what makes the event special. If you like to take five extra looks at your work this may be the career for you!


Communication is so valuable but how you communicate and the energy you bring when talking with those around you changes the pace of your event and your client relationships tremendously. Having excitement throughout the entire event process from start to finish creates a genuine experience that can make your career unstoppable.


Although event coordinating constantly means “GO”. There are moments in the event creation process that will force you to take a step back and put you in a difficult situation. Just like anything else in life things do go wrong. When handling those non-ideal situations patience is valuable and appreciated by all those on your team and the individuals you are working for. (Keep Calm & the Event goes on!)


A strong team is everything in event coordinating but the person leading the team sets the tone. Being a great leader means being positive, empathetic, encouraging, assertive, and so much more. How one chooses to lead is such an impactful skill to obtain.

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