Event Elements Behind the scenes…

Witnessing the finished product of an event come to life is beyond fulfilling. There are so many elements that go into curating an exciting and efficient event. The list of to-dos is extremely lengthy when tending to event needs. By the time the event is happening all should be quite picture-perfect but throughout the entire process, there are a variety of elements that take intricate attention to detail, budgeting, scheduling, timelines, and so much more. Although it is lovely to be wowed by the finished product, it is also very valuable to understand what elements have to be precisely executed to ensure that the event is seamless.

A couple of To-Do List Items that happen behind the scenes…


Sign!Sign!Sign. Whether it is insurance or customer agreements between vendors and sponsors there should always be a signed agreement. Contracts are the glue of an event. Documentation creates protection for you, your company, the customer and all those attending. Contracts are not the most exciting part of an event but no event should be put on without each and every part of the finished product being stamped with an original autograph between participants.


Advertising and marketing an event accessible to clientele and customers is essential. When putting on an event it is important to make it look great and flow beautifully, however, attendance is what makes the event. Reaching out to the individuals you want in the chairs that you assigned with excitement is valuable to event success. Working with your marketing team creates stamina to attract all event members in a positive and exciting way.


Events need vendors! All of the fancy and original items that are implemented into events almost always come from special vendors. That beautiful ice sculpture and holiday party cotton candy machine is outsourced from efficient vendors who the event coordinator contracts with. Working with vendors is an extremely positive and intricate experience. Coordinators have to do intensive research and create strong vendor relationships in order to use outside vendors for events.


Where is the fantastic action going to be? Everyone always asks for the address and when that question is fulfilled it is important to have a great answer. Choosing the correct venue is a very intensive process that takes a very powerful mindset and dedication to checking off all event needs. Site visitations, insurance policies, spacial measurements, and so much more fall into the venue category. Just know if you ever attend a great event that the venue was specially curated for that event specifically when done correctly.


Although entertainment is so different for each event understanding that every event should have a wow factor. Whether it is a business seminar or Holiday party entertainment will be on the behind the scenes list. People loved to be entertained so figuring out a way to captive the audience in new fun creative ways is valuable to event success. From music to games to a fun-filled powerpoint entertainment creates an overall presence that individuals look forward to.

A/V Systems:

A/V also known as audiovisual means all elements connected to sound or video. The eyes and the ears of the event need to be appeased so when an event is created A/V list is well thought out and carefully put together. Projectors, microphones, electronics, and all sound systems need to be counted and recounted when putting on an event. A/V systems being set-up correctly can make or break an event so they should always be checked and rechecked and trust me a triple check will never hurt.


Of course, an endless budget is what everyone may wish for, however, keeping track of invoices, P&L’s, and amounts being spent is the realistic side of event coordinating. Events cost and the each element being added almost always rings in an extra dime or two. Staying focused on the logistics and pricing of your special creation is essential to success.

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