Top Events in Southern California that Create a Buzz (OC/LA Area)

  • Los Angeles Auto Show– The auto show takes place every year. The show has been occurring for over 100 years in the Los Angeles area. It happens at the Los Angeles convention center. This event is all things cars. From test drives to car prizes. If the sound of wheels appeals to you this is the 10-day event for you.
  • Code Conference– This event is invite-only and has only been going on for a couple of years. This event focuses on the transitions of technology, media, and politics and can be put aside for the best of the best. The event is in Rancho Palos Verdes and has over 500 of the top companies that attend. If you attend you may just run into Hilary Clinton or the CEO of Netflix.
  • Anime Expo– “Bringing fans and industry together for an annual celebration of Japanese pop culture. Join us for AX 2020 on July 2-5 in Downtown Los Angeles!” This summertime event is a crowd stopper for Southern California residents as they get to dive into comics, virtual worlds, and even their own personal favorite characters.
  • Newport Beach Film Festival– “Celebrated as one of the leading lifestyle film festivals in the United States, the 20th Annual Newport Beach Film Festival attracted 58,000 film & food fans in 2019. NBFF seeks to bring Orange County the best of contemporary filmmaking, and in 2019 we featured films from 56 countries all around the world.” This event is an Orange County phenomenon. People from all over the world come to Newport to indulge in the films and top-notch events that the Film Festival has to offer. The Film Festival has been going on for 20 plus years and is only reaching to achieve more. It is getting larger and larger each and every year and has continued to showcase world talent and Orange County small businesses and big companies throughout each and every event they have.
  • Los Angeles Travel and Adventure Show– Desiring to travel the world is a common passion for a large number of individuals. The Los Angeles Travel and Adventure show creates the opportunity for people from all over to learn, buy, and seek out all things travel. This event is for individuals to indulge in cultures across the world right in front of their faces and provides them the opportunity to find the next perfect vacation destination. This event is so large that it lets you visit the entire world “all under one giant roof.”

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