Top 5 Technology Industry Events in the U.S.

Top 5 Technology

Industry Events in

the U.S.

1. CES

“CES is the world’s gathering place for all those who thrive on the business of consumer technologies.” CES is the largest technology event in the United States. This event is held in Las Vegas where innovators from all over the world are able to seek out the newest technology. This event has everything from Smart Cities to the best Robotics. CES is a giant platform for the best inventions such as digital health, advanced data analytics, and so much more. It’s ranked at #1 for its outstanding event budget, massive event attendance, and pioneering technology advancements.

2. Dreamforce

Ranking in at #2 for top technology industry events is Dreamforce. The Top-notch Technology Event takes place in San Francisco California. Dreamforce is a creation by salesforce in order to create an overall comradery for all team members and companies involved. “Dreamforce gathers the entire Salesforce community — our customers, partners, employees, and key stakeholders — for a fun family reunion. Dreamforce brings together thought leaders, industry pioneers, and thousands of your peers.” This event lasts for 4 days long and it creates an overall reunion for all members and the overall community who choose to use salesforce each and every day. When it comes to technology events Dreamforce is where you want to be.

3. E3

E3 is not just number 3 because it has a 3 in the title. Technology is amazing and it becomes even better when games become involved. The E3 Expo is one of the biggest mash-ups of technology and video games in the United States. The event allows exhibitors and ultimate gamers to discover the new top-notch games and technology that has been released. The event takes place in Los Angeles California reaching towards a large audience of gamers and technology insiders.

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4. Oracle OpenWorld

Ranking in at #4 is a wonderful high-pace 4-day event that takes place in San Francisco California. The event has over 2,000 sessions, hundreds of exhibitors, and is known worldwide for having keynote speakers from over 90 Countries. This technology event is one of the most diverse and inclusive events in the United States. Oracle OpenWorld is four days filled with insight designed to transform and revolutionize. This event is ranked so high due to the fact that it chooses to not just stop at technology. If you attend be sure to look out for famous performances by artists like Flo Rida and John Mayer who have attended in previous years.

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5. Apple Worldwide Developers Conference

Social gatherings, parties, and fun all around San Jose California. Definitely not the normal technology event platform. The Apple Worldwide Developers Conference is an event used to update and elevate all of apple’s new products and a knowledgable experience advancing the user experience. After listening to keynote speakers and the newest advancements a party awaits.

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