Top 10 Companies to Work for, in the field of Event, Coordinating

Event Companies

No Company is perfect but there sure are a number of companies that deserve to be ranked in the top 10. The Event companies listed below are known nationwide for the amazing work and results they invest in event creation. Although all companies are known for different talents and specialized areas each company has definitely become a showstopper.

Leo Burnett, GES, Cadence Design Systems, Caterease, and Jack Morton Worldwide are racing for number one. These 5 event coordinating companies all obtain special philosophies and traits that have them ranked so high. The systems they choose to use advance them to an entirely different caliber than most event coordinating agencies. The largest concept each one of these companies has going for them is event diversity. Each company is set up to create a positive brand reputation when conducting and curating each event. The diversity each company holds pushes them to the next level as they choose to take on events of all sizes, brands, and challenges. Each company is ranked with 4.7 stars or higher.

Event Companies such as Kubik, Into the blue, Freeman XP, BI Worldwide, and Ogilvy are also pushing for number one as they are ranked on top 10 lists. These companies create some of the best marketing events and tradeshows across the world. Each event that they create is made with a detailed budget and driving success force. They put forth unforgettable experiences for all guests to witness and enjoy.

  • Leo Burnett
  • GES Cadence
  • Design Systems
  • Caterease
  • Jack Morton Worldwide
  • Kubik
  • Into the blue
  • Freeman XP
  • BI Worldwide
  • Ogilvy

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