The Top 3 Sporting Events in the U.S.

Top 3 Sporting Events

Everyone loves a great event, however, certain individuals become fan favorites for their top event choices. Sports create a special type of excitement in the United States and drive revenue and attention up the charts. These top 3 sporting events take some of the longest and most intricate coordinating and events teams in the United States. Excitement and events go well together and that is why these top 3 scored!

1. Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is dominated by US television, however, over 106.5 million people from all over the world tune in to be apart of the Super Bowl showdown. Over 200 countries take the time to watch the amazing commercials, competitive play, and specially curated half-time show. The event has over 75,000 people in attendance watching the game up close and personal in the stadium. This event creates thousands of events across the nation from the pre-game shows to the best Super Bowl parties. This large event creates a long list of events in itself leaving it ranked at #1 for a reason. Tickets range from $3,000 to $15,000 per person and the ticket pricing is just a start. Reselling, merchandise, and so much more still are purchased to fully grasp the events fantastic potential.

2. Final Four

The NCAA signed a $10.8 billion deal in April with CBS and TBS to broadcast its games through 2024. The Atlanta basketball host committee helps plan the billion-dollar event that happens in 2020. The event is so large that it takes a special randomized application process to curate the correct fan base that gets to attend. The events run heavily on dedicated workers and allow a large number of volunteers to pull off the event at the beginning of April. Volunteers rank it at over 2,000 just to make the event happen. Just like any event this #2 event takes an event team army.

3. NFL Opening Night/Weekend

Starting in 2002 NFL kickoff became a sensation. The Super Bowl is a showstopper but opening weekend is definitely the show starter. The event creates over 1 billion dollars in revenue. This #3 event still has ceremonies, pregame shows, and memorable commercials. This event was originally created as a marketing tool to gain a larger audience attention span and the marketing was definitely a success. The opening night/ weekend is now another televised event that creates a fan crazy momentum throughout the NFL season and drives revenue up the charts.

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