About Me

Born and raised in Sacramento, California I have been surrounded by so much talent and diversity and growing up around so many amazing people has given me the chance to strive for not only the best but what is best for me. Living in such a cultured place with so much to pour into me I have been able to grasp a strong understanding of what my passions and desires align with. I absolutely love people and I love creating moments with people that turn into memories each and every time I can. A simple memory can last a lifetime and as I grow older I slowly understand the value that each moment can add to the substance of an individual’s life. At just 17 years old I took a chance on myself and chose to move away from everything and everyone that I knew and journeyed down to Southern California to advance my educational career at California State University Fullerton and receive my Bachelor’s Degree.

As many know College is a journey of its own. Making new friends, finding new experiences that appease you, and a long list of to-dos fulfill one’s schedule. All of these new parts of life quickly arouse in my everyday life. For the first time ever I did not know anyone around me and I was a teenager in a whole new world without any family surrounding me. To some, this may seem like a nightmare but the challenge of a blank page excited me and I was more than ready to add a variety of color and bold print to my new empty page. I began to grasp the opportunities that this new life was going to provide me.

Business Expo Center

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After just a few months I found myself creating moments for others as an Event coordinator assistant just moments away from where I was receiving my education. My love for hospitality and event creation only arose and ran from there. My new passion not only excited me but created a fuming fire inside. My excitement and determined mindset led me to Event Coordinating internships, Event coordinating positions, and diving right into the hospitality industry with open arms. Each experience has molded my love for my career choice and as a recent college graduate, my passionate fire has only ignited.